Meet the Core Team

"We're Powered by The Holy Spirit and Passionate Disciples"

The TBC Core Team is made up of our longer term network partners. These disciples have a great track record of bearing fruit for the Lord and taking good care of people along the way. They live like true disciples of Jesus and have helped many others do the same. They maintain the highest standard of the TBC heart and have found wholesome fellowship with God's People. Feel free to reach out and contact them if you would like for them to host a kickstart, or discipleship event, or seminar in your area. Further details can be found on their TBC Network Website.

Photo of Peter and Camilla Ahlman

Peter & Camilla Ahlman

TBC Founders

     Peter Ahlman and his wife Camilla travel the world training disciples to live the life as read about in the Book of Acts. Their home is in Sweden where they developed and trained disciples and home churches for years. Today, you can see them in many countries throughout the year. Find out where they will be in 2020.

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Photo of Samir & Rachel

Samir & Rachel

TBC France

     We were almost dead in religion and depression. In 2016 Peter and Camilla came to kickstart us in France and Jesus resurrected us! Today, we are traveling the world to share the good news of Jesus like in the Book of Acts. Peter and Camilla are true disciples. In France, God has blessed us with planting over 25 house churches;  15 are in the city of Toulouse. We are part  of the TBC family walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

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Photo of Tim & Maria Curwel

Tim & Maria Curwen


     In April of 2016, we were kickstarted by Peter in Scotland and have been good friends ever since. We have been involved in other Kickstarts here in Scotland and Israel. Since May 2017, we have been assisting TBC with editing videos and occasionally filming too. Our passion through film, is to show the world that Jesus is alive!

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Photo of Brady & Lana Belcourt

Brady & Lana Belcourt

TBC Canada

     Lana grew up in the church and religion while Brady was born again at 28 years old and questioned why what he saw in the Bible wasn’t happening around him. After many years of settling for second best; and disheartened by the powerless modern Christianity; Peter and Camilla were invited to visit. We were forever changed by their direct, hands on, one on one discipleship.

     Now we are travelling the world, preaching the full gospel and living out what we read about in the Bible. This is our new normal!! We love to inspire and equip others to do the same, and to grow to look more like Jesus. At the end of the day, It’s all about Jesus.

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Photo of Ville and Sanna Rajala

Ville & Sanna Rajala

TBC Sweden

In 2013 we were on our knees seeking for the missing parts in our faith and freedom. God led us to Peter and Camilla and we got kickstarted in healing and leading people to Christ. The answer on how to get spiritual bread and meat was by obeying Jesus. Living the gospel was totally lifechanging to us.

We live in Stockholm and mainly fill needs in our area. We have opened the doors in our home for fellowship and we work with helping the homeless and drug addicts in our city.

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Guillermo & Nadi

TBC Argentina

     We are pastors of a church in the streets but we could not live the full gospel, we had never healed anyone, we had never seen someone receive the Holy Spirit, we had never seen the true power of baptism and all that changed when we met Peter and Camilla in 2017. Since then we are living the fullness of the gospel in words and in power and teaching others to do the same. We are part of the TBC family and we collaborate with contacts and videos from Argentina.

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