To be continued is a global network that Peter and Camilla Ahlman founded 2017. The network consists of relations between simple disciples of Jesus Christ who want to live their lives like in The Book Of Acts.


Peter had a crisis 2011 when he read the Bible and heard great testimonies from far countries. He could not see healings, miracles or people coming to Jesus Christ in his own life. “Is the Bible true”? The last reformation movement starting in Denmark became the sparkle to enlighten Peter that, yes, the Bible is true.


This move of God is spreading throughout the world and many people are coming into the life we read about in The Book Of Acts as royal priests in the kingdom.

All the people Peter and Camilla equip and who want to stay connected are included in the network. The network is spreading to different countries; To be continued France, To be continued Argentina etc. The network is based on a starfish model, in opposition to an octopus model and the strength is based on the depth of the relations within.

Peter and Camilla currently work full time for the Lord in fields such as church planting, missions, evangelism in a multiplying disciple making movement with a focus on simple churches. In the network they have the privilege of seeing thousands of people being healed of various diseases and have also brought a large amount of people to conversion to Christ, and this continues through the generations of disciples that Peter & Camilla and the network of disciples have made during the years.



  • We are a movement that wants to see a reformation of the Church in the World.
  • We believe that it is possible to live the life we read about in the Book of Acts.
  • We believe that the whole Bible is true.
  • We believe in the trinity, that God is one through three persons. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
  • We are followers of Jesus Christ and we obey His commandments.
  • We make disciples that makes more disciples in the same way we read that Jesus did in the Bible.
  • We believe in baptism in water and The Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that we (all believers in Christ) are the Church.
  • We believe that Jesus will soon return to earth to establish His 1000 years reign.
  • We believe that great leaders make good examples of how to follow Jesus Christ by following Him themselves.
  • We will never quit serving The Lord and obey His commandments to expand His kingdom.

Does your life look like the book of Acts?

God’s Church needs to get back to the basics of the Christian faith, as we read in Acts. Which preached the unadulterated gospel of repentance from sin, faith in Jesus Christ, baptism in water and in the Spirit with accompanying signs.